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Hi all, i put online the project for Twilight sniper, to be funded  via paypal at:


Note that, your pledge will be actually made only if the project reach the goal,
so that if it didn't, you won't be charged.

Rewards were required so i put with what i could come with.

Thank you in advance for helping me support this project!
Just uploaded a new version of Pyro Pie, changed the link at the Pyro release page for the new one.
Changes or fixes:
-Ring hold on PP hands (set, but not tested yet)
-Blue sleeves are now properly displayed in 1st person camera for Blu players.
Sadly Megaupload is down over piracy issue, and all the download links to my mods as well.
I'm debugging all my current mods (Rainbow Dash, Luna, Celestia, Zecora) and once ready, i'll put them back in one submission.

Also, i plan to remove my Rainbow Dash scout mod from TF2mods, were they are too much users hating it, and put it here instead.

Thank you for your patience!
I put put my Scout Rainbow Dash mod to a "finished" state (1.9)
on TF2mods.
Now you can play the 4 characters (Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Firefly, Derpy Hooves)
in either team you want!